Mobe | Medication services

MOBE Pharmacists
are at your service.

If any of the following are true for you, it’s time for a call with a MOBE Pharmacist:

1. You don’t like how your medications make you feel or have trouble taking them as prescribed.

Very often, a pharmacist can help find solutions. There may be new or different medications that could work better for you or have fewer side effects. They can explain what you can do to make everything you take most effective—and most tolerable. Always talk with your health care provider before adjusting your medications.

2. You’ve experienced changes in your overall health or weight, or have made big changes to your diet.

Your whole medication list should be evaluated by a pharmacist when things change with your health. MOBE Pharmacists can share recommendations for dosage adjustments with your health care providers and you.

3. It’s been a year or more since a pharmacist has reviewed all of your medications.

Your body is changing all the time, whether you have a known health event or not. Plus, as scientists gain new insights, health care providers may offer new treatments. Everything you take to support your body should be reviewed by a single pharmacist, in full, at least once a year.

4. More than one health care provider prescribes medication for you, or more than one pharmacy fills your prescriptions.

MOBE Pharmacists bridge the gap between varied health care providers and pharmacies. A MOBE Pharmacist has your whole medication list in hand and can be a single, thorough touchpoint. They can help you understand how everything you take interacts.

MOBE Pharmacists look out for you.

Your safety and best health outcomes are our priority. MOBE Pharmacists take time to look at the big picture, from your history to any new or recent treatments. They consider what has or hasn’t worked for you and put it all in context.

While MOBE Pharmacists won’t make changes to any of your prescriptions, they will share informed recommendations with your health care providers and you.